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Flying High Handkerchief

£10.00 - £12.80

This cotton handkerchief is screenprinted with the image of an airplane flying high in the sky above the trees.

Something to remind us to we too can fly high, that the world is bigger than we sometimes can think, and that nature is all around us, changing with the seasons.

Big thoughts from a little hankie!

Made from 100% cotton.

Size: 40 x 40 cm

Care: Machine wash 40C

Screenprinted by hand in the Mr.PS studio in Salford.

Available in dark teal.

Comes individually folded and wrapped in an embossed paper band, within a compostable bio-film packet.

You can also choose to have your present gift wrapped, in navy paper sealed with a silver sticker. I can your present direct to the recipient, with your special message handwritten on a patterned gift card.